Freelander 2 Complete Rear Differential & Haldex Repair Kit Gen 4 High Grade OEM


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Freelander 2 Complete Rear Differential & Haldex Repair Kit Gen 4 High-Grade OEM

This is a complete rebuild kit for the rear differential with the generation 4 type haldex and contains the following items:
– small pinion bearing x 1 (SKF)
– large pinion bearing x 1 (Timken)
– side carrier bearing x 2 (Timken)
– pinion seal x 1 (Corteco)
– side seals x 2 (Corteco)
– collapsible spacer x 1
– pinion locking nut x 1
– diff lid o’ring x 1
– haldex o’ring x 1
– haldex oil filter x 1
– Ravenol haldex oil 1L x 1 (OEM)
– Ravenol differential oil 1L x 1 (OEM)


Land Rover Freelander 2 models from chassis number 9H000001 ( the last 8 digits of your chassis number) with generation 4 type haldex unit.

**There is more than one generation type of this haldex service kit**

The easiest way to see which type you have and to ensure that you purchase the correct generation is to check your haldex pump. 

The generation 3 type has a black plastic cap with a flat end.
The generation 4 type is silver metal and has a raised end.

We have also attached a picture of the two pump types to this listing showing the difference between the two.
If you want us to check what kit type you need, please provide a chassis number and we will confirm compatibility.

BRAND: High-Grade OEM
WARRANTY: 12 Months

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Weight3 kg
Dimensions30 × 20 × 20 cm




Haldex type

Generation 4


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