Haldex Filter for Freelander 2 Gen 3 Haldex




Haldex Filter for Land Rover Freelander 2 Generation 3 Haldex Unit


Haldex filter for Land Rover Freelander 2 generation 3 haldex

This filter will fit Land Rover Freelander 2  equipped with generation 3 haldex unit, up to chassis number: 8H999999 ( last 8 digits of your chassis number).

The easiest way to see which type you have and to ensure that you purchase the correct generation is to check your haldex pump.
The generation 3 haldex pump has a black plastic cap with a flat end.
The generation 4 haldex pump is silver metal and has a raised end.
We have also attached a picture of the two pump types showing the difference between the two.
If you want us to check what type you need, please provide a chassis number and we will confirm compatibility.

Additional information

Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions10 × 5 × 5 cm




Haldex type

Generation 3


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